End-user authentication
  • 09 Feb 2024
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End-user authentication

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If your organization has strict security policies that do not allow any business process data, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or other sensitive content to be exposed to anyone outside your organization, then you need an additional layer of security between the Whatfix platform and your end users.

The End-user Authentication feature prompts your end users to authenticate themselves with valid credentials using your organization’s SSO. Only after they are authenticated do your end users start seeing the Whatfix content.

For example, if you have configured a Self Help widget on the application, initially your end users can see the Self Help in the collapsed state. But when they click Self Help to see the content, the SSO login pop-up appears. The authentication happens only when end users click the Self Help widget since there is no sensitive information present in the widget's collapsed state.

However, if you've configured Task List, Beacon, Pop-up, Smart Tip, Survey, or Launcher on the application, End-user Authentication happens automatically before the content is displayed on the page. Since the above-mentioned content may show sensitive information even without the user clicking them, End-user Authentication ensures that only authenticated users can see the content.

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  • End-user Authentication is only done once per session. If your application has both Self Help and Task List widgets on the same page and the authentication is already done for Task List, it is not done again when the end user opens Self Help.

  • If the end user has logged in to the application using End-user Authentication, they will be logged in for 45 days until the session expires.

  • End-user Authentication is available for both JS Embed and Browser Extension modes of deployment.

Enable End-user Authentication

To enable End-user Authentication, contact

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