Nudge users to complete the Task List
  • 26 May 2023
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Nudge users to complete the Task List

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Article Summary

The Task List Nudge feature helps you prompt your users to complete the Task List that you have compiled for them. Using the Task List Nudge, you can set conditions for the Task List to open automatically when the users come to the page. For example, you can nudge all users who have not completed at least 50 per cent of the tasks listed in the Task List segment.

Use the following steps to configure the Task List Nudge:

1. On the Whatfix dashboard, click Widgets.

2. Click the Create widget button.

3. Click Task List.clm_db_create_widg_tl4. Once you have added content, in the Set rules section, click the Nudge tab.CLM_Task List_nudge

5. Select the desired condition to nudge the user.CLM_Task List_nudge conditions

Task completion rate < {variable} Tasks/weekThe Task List is nudged if the user has not completed the minimum set of tasks per week. 
The week's calculation is user-specific. For example, if a user sees the Task List on a Monday, the user is nudged the next Tuesday if the condition is not met.
For first {variable} timesThe Task List is nudged for the set number of times. 
You can nudge a user using this condition a maximum of 10 times.
Tasklist complete less than {variable} %The Task List user is nudged if the percentage of Task List completion is less than the set percentage. 
The Task List completion percentage is checked every 24 hours per user.
Do not nudgeThe Task List does not open unless the users click on it.

You can choose how the Task List is triggered using the Trigger user by option.clm_task list_trigger user by

Keep Tasklist OpenOpen the Task List when the conditions for a nudge are satisfied.
Show tool tip to complete TasklistOpening the Task List by default and display a personalized tooltip.

6. Click Save.

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