SurveyMonkey Integration
  • 25 Jan 2024
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SurveyMonkey Integration

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To integrate Whatfix and SurveyMonkey, contact


Using Integration in Whatfix, data from your SurveyMonkey account can be shared with your Whatfix account, and surveys can be shown to your users based on multiple conditions.

Use cases

Here are some use cases that are possible using this integration,

  • Show the survey only to users who haven't completed the survey.
  • Show the survey until the users complete the mandatory security course.
  • Show the survey to new users until they finish giving their onboarding feedback.

How it works



SurveyMonkey uses OAuth 2.0 authorization method, and Whatfix uses the Token-based authorization method.
The access can be revoked at any time by removing the Whatfix app in the SurveyMonkey account under My App section.

Create an Integration

With Whatfix-SurveyMonkey quick integration, you can create an integration that gets survey responses from your Google Sheet and enables you to show the survey only to those who have not completed it.

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The prerequisites for this Integration are,

  • You need a paid account in SurveyMonkey to use custom variable in surveys.
  • The survey must be created beforehand, and the custom variable should be set as User Email.
  • SurveyMonkey add-on needs to be installed to the Google Sheet from where you want to collect survey responses.
  • The Google Sheet ID and sheet name where the add-on is installed.

Use the following steps to create a SurveyMonkey Integration,

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Settings.

  2. Click App integrations.

  1. On the Dashboard tab, click the Survey Monkey tile.

  2. Under the use case section, click Try it on the available template.

  3. Click Sign In to Google Sheets to authenticate.

  4. To use the connection established between Whatfix and SurveyMonkey, under Choose existing connection, select the connection that is generated using the drop-drown menu and enter a description.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Enter the Google Sheet ID and name in the respective fields.

  7. Click Test to check if the integration is valid.

  8. Once the test is completed, click Save & Schedule.

  9. The various options that you can configure are listed below.

    • Start On - Set the start date and time period.

    • Time zone - Specify the time zone from the drop-down for the specified dates to follow.

    • Repeat - Configure the frequency of the Integration run during the selected time period.

    • Ends -
      a. Never - This option runs the Integration forever.
      b. On - This option lets you specify the end date and
      time period for the Integration.


  10. Click Save.

Use user attributes as visibility rules

The main objective of Whatfix-SurveyMonkey integration is to collect data from Google Sheet and use the auto-created Whatfix User Attributes for segmentation purposes.

On completion of the first integration run, these attributes are available in the Visibility Rules section of widgets, under the User Attribute condition.

Use the following steps to add user attributes as visibility rules,

  1. Navigate to the Visibility Rules section of the pop-up where you have embedded the survey.

  2. Select the User Attribute condition from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Attributes you want as part of the Visibility Rules and then enter its value.

  4. Finish creating the widget.

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