Embed a Flow as URL
  • 30 Jan 2024
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Embed a Flow as URL

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The URL format for Whatfix Flows is a convenient option to reply to support queries via email, chat, or a tweet. It enables you to send a Flow URL to your user, which, when clicked, triggers the respective Flow on your application. This URL can also be embedded on your application in the form of a button, an image, or as Text.

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  • You can generate Whatfix URL for a Flow in any stage, be it in Draft, Ready, or Production. To generate the URL, go to the respective stage and follow the steps mentioned in this article.

  • For Flows that require manual input by the user, Whatfix enables you to pass variables as part of the URL that can be leveraged for the autocompletion of the Flow.

  • To pass variable data as part of the URL, you have to append a query parameter in the URL for auto-execution data, as shown in the following example:{1:"step_1_input_will_go_here",3:"step_3_auto_input"}

Use the following steps to retrieve the embed URL:

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Content.

  2. Click All content.

  3. Click the required Flow.
    CLM_Flows_pdf export

  4. Click the Embed dropdown menu.

  1. Click URL from the dropdown.

  2. Copy and share the URL located at the end of the pop-up message to the desired medium.
    studio_multi op_url link

  • If you have dynamic URL enabled, then the URL is in the following format:

In this case, you need to append the website URL where the Flow is supposed to start before the given URL.

For example, if the Flow is to start from and, then the URL has to be modified as shown in the following snippet:



  • The user might be asked to install the Whatfix plugin if the Flows are not integrated with the intended website.

  • Instructions are triggered only once using this format. Refreshing the page does not trigger the instructions again. Users need to click the URL again to launch the instructions.

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