What are Launchers?
  • 07 Mar 2023
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What are Launchers?

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Article summary

Launchers enable you to add customizable buttons that trigger Whatfix content like Flow, Pop-up, Video, or Link with a single click. Launchers can be placed anywhere on the application and help provide contextualized support to your end users. A Launcher is always present on your application with the content you want to show. Whatfix content like a Pop-up, which is usually set to appear a particular number of times, can be made available to your end user whenever they need it using a Launcher.

Use Cases

You can use Launchers to do the following:

Provide multimedia assistance

Some users may prefer videos for better understanding. With Launchers, you can link a video and enable your end users to play it with just a single click, whenever they require.

Easy access to important links

There may be instances where your end users may want to visit other websites to get more information. In such cases, you can use a Launcher to trigger a link to other websites to assist them as needed.

Help users open a Flow using a single click

Guide your users to learn more about specific user segments by attaching a Flow to a Launcher. Users can choose to click the Launcher whenever they need help completing a task or learning a process.

Ensure users don't miss any updates

At times users may miss important updates or notifications delivered via a Pop-up. Using a Launcher you can let your users open a Pop-up any time, ensuring that they don't miss any update or notification.

Increase your Survey Responses

Many a times, when you launch a survey, users may not be able to take it within the given time. With Launchers, you can make the survey available always. Trigger a survey using a Launcher and prompt your users to take the at their convenience.

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