Assign Project Priority
  • 25 Jan 2024
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Assign Project Priority

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Article Summary

Project priority is useful when you have multiple projects that start on the same app screen. In such cases setting a priority ensures that after the content is published, they won't start together and launch only as per the set priority.

Use the following steps to assign a priority to your project:

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You can assign a priority to your project only while publishing your project. For more information, see Publish projects directly

  1. On the Whatfix Mobile Dashboard, go to the app where you have created your projects.

  2. Open the project you want to publish.

  3. On the Whatfix Mobile Studio, go to the top-right and then click Publish.

  4. Click Publish directly.

  5. In the TARGET tab, under the User segment section, choose the segments you want to target.

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By default, there are pre-built segments available for you to use. In case you want to use a custom segment, you need to create them beforehand. For more information, see Add Custom Properties to User Segments.

  1. In the CONFIGURATION tab, select your rollout percentage. This helps you publish your project for a percentage of your user segment.

  2. In the Priority text box, enter the index or the rank of the project and then click Go Live.

your title goes here
  • The priority index is 1 > 2 > 3. So, if you want a particular project to start first, move it up the order.

  • Consider that there exist two Walkthroughs set to appear on the same screen. In such a case, the one with the higher priority will appear first. Even when Walkthrough 1 is completed, on returning or reloading the screen, Walkthrough 1 will still appear first. To ensure that Walkthrough 2 appears once Walkthrough 1 is completed, either a Dismissible icon or a Flow termination condition needs to be set up for Walkthrough 1.

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