Define Step Transition rules
  • 25 Jan 2024
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Define Step Transition rules

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Step Transition rules in a Walkthrough help you define when Whatfix Mobile must stop displaying one step and then show the next step of the Walkthrough. For example, users move to the next step when they click the next button, select the element, or after a delay, etc.
Step Transition rules are defined while creating a Walkthrough.

Use the following steps to define step transition rules:

  1. After creating a Start page for your Walkthrough, click the + icon to create the Walkthrough steps.
your title goes here

For more information on creating a Walkthrough, see Create Walkthrough.

  1. Connect the app, capture the app screen, and identify the app screen where you want to show the element.

  2. Select the element you want to show.

your title goes here

You can create a Popup, Tooltip, Fullscreen, Highlight, Bottom Sheet, or Gesture as elements in your Walkthrough step. For more information see,

  1. To enable your end user to go to the next step in the Walkthrough, select the STEP TRANSITION rules using the dropdown.
Rule Description
On Element Click The next step is displayed when the user clicks the element.
On 'Next button' click The next step is displayed when the Next button in the element is clicked.
Auto - after delay The next step is displayed after a few seconds of delay.
After filling the field The next step is displayed after the user enters any input on the screen.

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