React Native Changelog
  • 26 Sep 2023
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React Native Changelog

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Article Summary

The following table shows the notable changes made to the Whatfix Mobile React Native project:

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It's in reverse chronological order with the latest changes visible at the top.
Updated OnVersion updated toChanges madeNew feature/Bug fix/Improvement
September 22, 2023
v.1.10.5React Native iOS: Made Stop Option from Icon configurable
September 19, 2023
v1.10.4React Native Android: Made Stop option from Icon configurable
React Native Android: Removed Appcompat dependency
September 14, 2023
v.1.10.3Intermittent auto scroll issue fix
Bug fix
August 31, 2023
v1.10.2Optional step reappears once the next step transition is done and shown
Bug fix
August 21, 2023
Removal of incorrect shadow appearing in long text tooltipsBug fix
August 11, 2023
EndFlow button actions
Relaunch project every time when embedProject is called multiple times in same session
React Native iOS: Tooltip rendering retry mechanism
React Native iOS: Crash fix in downloading content on wrong thread due to race condition
Bug fix
React Native Android: emdbedProject doesn't trigger auto start projects when used with offlineSync
Bug fix
August 3, 2023
v1.9.5React Native Android: Multilingual configurability support for Whatfix Disable panel
React Native Android: Tooltip flickering fix
Bug fix
July 19, 2023
v1.9.4Additional null checks to avoid incorrect casting on runtimeBug fix
Enabled debugging via debug symbols
Ability to block DAP content based on iOS version
July 10, 2023v1.9.3Fixed a typo in the Swift Package ManagerBug fix

July 7, 2023


Send Analytics data immediately on Flow Success, Flow Stop, and Project Termination

Bug fix

React Native Android: Send Analytics data when a  Dialog (Pop-up, Drawer, Bottom Sheet) is dismissed

Bug fix

React Native iOS: Multilingual support for Disable Assistant


July 3, 2023

React Native Android: Improvements to User Data syncImprovement
React Native iOS: Improvements to User Data syncImprovement

June 15, 2023

React Native Android: New screen capture experience
New feature
React Native iOS: Present assist in the same session on logout
Bug fix
React Native iOS: New screen capture experienceNew feature
May 24, 2023v1.8.9React Native iOS: Enable the dismissal of overlay when tooltip fails to load
May 17, 2023v1.8.8React Native iOS: Overlay screen block issue fix
Bug fix
React Native iOS: Added optional steps in Walkthrough
New feature
React Native Android: Added optional steps in Walkthrough
New feature

May 5, 2023

React Native iOS: Fixed Tooltip flicker issueBug fix

React Native iOS: Improvement to the target view auto scroll. Will be auto-scrolled to the center of the scroll


April 28, 2023

React Native iOS: Resolved inconsistency in Flow step appearancesImprovement
React Native iOS: Performance improvements and memory optimizationImprovement
April 10, 2023v1.8.5React Native Android: Immersive mode fixes for the Creator SDKBug fix
React Native Android: Full Screen window fixes for the Creator SDK and the Whatfix Mobile SDK
React Native iOS: Fixed App restart when the app is in the background
React Native iOS: Improvement in screen identification logic
March 31, 2023v1.8.4React Native Android: Immersive mode fixesBug fix
React Native iOS: Landscape streaming fix
React Native iOS: Default properties fix
React Native iOS: Improved smoother streaming in Creator SDK
March 10, 2023v1.8.3React Native Android: Fixed Flicker issueBug fix
React Native Android: Fixed Tooltip positioning issue on dialog content
React Native iOS: Screenshot fixBug fix
February 22, 2023v1.8.1Support User IdentificationNew feature

February 3, 2023


Self Hosting support

New feature
Introduced wfx_user_id for adding unique user ID
New feature
December 20, 2022v1.6.3React Native iOS: Fixed logic for view filteringBug fix
React Native iOS: Bitcode EnabledBug fix
December 19, 2022v1.6.2Optimization for View filtering
Bug fix
December 12, 2022v1.6.1Optimization for View filteringBug fix
November 28, 2022v1.6.0Survey supportNew feature
October 7, 2022v1.5.8

Algorithm to filter out invisible views in hierarchy that prevent from selecting relevant views in iOS.

September 28, 2022v1.5.7

Autoscroll disabled if element already visible for nested scrolls

Bug fix/Improvement
September 15, 2022v1.5.6

Single Element Project facing abrupt behaviour when flush properties is called.

Bug fix
September 13, 2022v1.5.5

Crash fix while trying to scan QR when the Whatfix Mobile project is running

Bug fix
September 2, 2022v1.5.4Multi data center supportNew feature 
September 2, 2022v1.5.3

Multi locale support - Exposed a method for client to set current App locale.

New feature
September 2, 2022v1.5.2

Enhanced Streaming feature

New feature

Order of execution for Project priority

Bug fix
July 13, 2022v1.5.1

Independent Assist not showing issue fixed

Bug fix
July 5, 2022v1.5.0

Sync Offline projects support for projectID

New feature
June 13, 2022v1.4.3

Removed SSL Pinning

Bug fix
June 10, 2022v1.4.2

Tablet support added

New feature
March 14, 2022v1.3.0

Landscape support added

New feature
February 28, 2022v1.2.6

Bug fix when autoscroll is performed near bottom or top portion of screen (also applicable to bottom bar and toolbar)

Bug fix
February 23, 2022v1.2.4

Fixed the embedProject call immediately after Leap.start()

Bug fix
February 10, 2022v1.2.3
  • CrashFix: WebView usage from more than one process at once with the same data directory is not supported.
  • Crash Fix: Webview not found.
  • Crash Fix: java.lang.AssertionError: No NameTypeIndex match for SHORT_STANDARD
Bug fix
February 10, 2022v1.2.2

Crash Fix: WebView usage from more than one process at once with the same data directory is not supported.

Bug fix
February 10, 2022v1.2.1

Scroll Identification:

NullPointerException fix for canScrollVertically leading to View.getLayoutParams() crash.

Anchor Identification:

NullPointerException fix for getLocationOnScreen leading to View$AttachInfo.mTmpTransformLocation crash.

Render Leap View:

IllegalStateException fix for removeOnDrawListener

Bug fix
February 10, 2022v1.2.0

Flow menu with connect project

New feature

Render Leap View:

  • Fixed Tooltip expansion on bigger screen devices.
  • Fixed NullPointerException when using Color.parseColor
Bug fix

Creator SDK:

Improved Screen Identification logic


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