Debugging Tools for Whatfix Mobile
  • 18 Oct 2023
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Debugging Tools for Whatfix Mobile

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Article Summary


Jane, a content creator using Whatfix Mobile to create DAP content for her end users, often finds herself grappling with frustrating challenges. These challenges include verifying the correctness of her Whatfix Mobile setup in her app, identifying whether the API keys align, ensuring that custom developments like tagging and user ID setup are accurate, and understanding any unexpected behavior that may occur in her content. These issues not only create confusion but also hinder her ability to resolve them independently, causing her to rely on the support team constantly.

With Debugging Tools, Jane and other content creators can pre-emptively identify bugs and issues and manage them before they cause a problem.

Debugging Tools enable you to:

  • Know if Whatfix mobile is setup correctly in your apps.
  • Know if the custom development is done correctly.
  • Figure out the reasons for unexpected behavior in content rendering.

Debugging Tools enables you to deliver a flawless DAP experience to your end users. It ensures the smooth functioning of content, and facilitates quick bug and issue diagnosis.

Why use Debugging Tools?

Here's a breakdown of the key benefits of Debugging Tools:

Setup Checks: Verify essential setup parameters, such as API key correctness and network accessibility, without the need for technical expertise or the Whatfix support team. This ensures that Whatfix Mobile is correctly integrated into the apps.

User Data Insights: Gain access to valuable information about user properties, metadata, and app data to ensure that custom developments are executed correctly.

Project Data Insights: Get all necessary Project specific data to ensure that your in-app experience works flawlessly.

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