Share Technical Logs for Debugging
  • 04 Dec 2023
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Share Technical Logs for Debugging

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Encountering issues while creating content with Whatfix can be frustrating. To streamline the issue resolution process and provide faster assistance, Whatfix Mobile enables you to share technical logs with our support team, facilitating a quicker and more accurate debugging process.

Why Live Logging?

When you face an issue and reach out to the Whatfix Mobile support team, you may need to provide detailed logs to enhance the team's ability to understand and resolve the problem efficiently. Live Logging captures real-time information about the behavior of Whatfix Mobile in your app, offering insights into potential glitches, errors, or misconfigurations. This feature serves as a valuable tool for both you and the support team to diagnose and address issues promptly.

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Whatfix Mobile collects data related to only Whatfix projects. Any PII or app related data is ignored.

Use the following steps to share technical logs:

  1. Open the app where you want to Debug.

  2. Click the Whatfix Creator widget.

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The Creator Options tab enables you to Capture Screens, Preview Projects, and access the Debugging Tools.

  1. Click Debugging tools.
    Debugging tools.jpeg

  2. Enable the Logs toggle.
    live logging_enable logs.jpeg

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  • Whatfix Mobile will start collecting relevant logs once you preview or run a project. If an issue happens when you run the project after enabling logs, the potential reason for those issues can be captured in those logs.
    live logging_pre collection note.jpeg

  • Once live logging is enabled, a beacon appears on the Debugging tools button to show that log collection is in process.
    live logging_beacon.jpeg

  1. Click Share Logs to send the technical logs to the Whatfix Mobile support team.
    live logging_share logs.jpeg
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The logs are shared with the backend Whatfix Mobile support team. You will receive a Log ID that helps us identify the right log where the issue happened.

In the confirmation pop-up, click Copy code to copy the Log ID for future use.
live logging_confirmation popup.jpeg

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