User Action Best Practices
  • 03 Oct 2023
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User Action Best Practices

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Creation Best Practices

Configure Display Rules for User Actions to identify elements better

While selecting an element to create a User Action, add Display Rules to identify the element for which the action is tracked. Using Display Rules with User Action, improves the performance of tracking the actions.

add display rule

Select the largest individual element possible

While creating User Actions, ensure that you always select the outermost individual element of the UI. Doing so ensures that any action performed inside the element is also tracked as part of the User Action.

Add tags to filter User Actions on the dashboard

Adding relevant and recognizable Tags to the User Action is a great way to organize and filter out actions that are specific to a particular page or process.

You can add tags while creating a User Action.

Push User Actions to Production

After creating User Actions, ensure that you push them to the Production stage to make them live for your end users. Unless the User Actions are pushed to Production, they won't be able to capture data.

For more information, see

Visualization Best Practices

Keep track of User Actions using the Watchlist

Post creation, add the User Actions to a Watchlist to keep close track of them. The Watchlist graph displays each User Action against the number of unique users who performed the tracked action.

For more information, see User Action Analytics

Use the line chart ability to track User Actions over time

Visualize your Watchlisted User Action in a line graph to see its trend over a period of time. Additionally, use the pin mode to compare a User Action engagement between two specific time ranges.


Create a Funnel for sequential User Actions

If you have created User Actions in a sequence that represents a process, use the Funnel capability to see on which step of the process your users are dropping off. The Funnel insights also show how much time your users take to complete a process.

For more information, see Funnels.

Engage with User Actions to visualize data

To use User Actions in Insights (Funnels and Trends), User Journey, or Cohorts, the action needs to be completed at least once for you to see them in the Custom Events dropdown.


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