Push Whatfix content and widgets to Production
  • 17 Nov 2023
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Push Whatfix content and widgets to Production

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The content that you create and save on Whatfix needs to be pushed to the Whatfix CDN servers before it is available for your users. You may be able to see the content using the Preview mode or the See Live option (during content creation), but for the content to be live and reflect on your end user's application, you must perform a Push to Production.


Only an Account Manager can perform the following task. For more information about available roles, see Whatfix User Roles.

Use the following steps to push Whatfix content and widgets to Production,:

  1. On the Whatfix Dashboard, Go to the Ready stage.
your title goes here

Make sure all the content and widgets you want live are moved from the Draft stage to the Ready stage.

  1. To push all the content and widgets to production, click Push all to production.
    clm_db_push all to production
your title goes here

You can push selective content and widgets to production. In the Ready stage, select the content or widget you want to push to production, and then click Push to Production.

  1. On the summary pop-up, review the content that is going live, and then click Push to Production.
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  • When the process is complete, a notification mail is sent to your registered email address.
  • The Push to Production usually takes only a few minutes. However, when there are many updates, it may take up to 30 minutes to reflect on your application.

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  • For Smart Tips and Beacons, in case there is dependent content that is not already in Production, Whatfix does not enable you to move content from the Ready to the Production stage. For example, if you have a Flow attached to a Smart Tip, the Flow is the dependent content. In such a case, you cannot push the Smart Tip to the Production stage, if the Flow is in the Draft or the Ready stage. So, to move the Smart Tip or Beacon, you must push the Flow to the Production stage first. This ensures that the end user's workflow is not broken. For more information, see Can I move Contents/Widgets that are attached to another Content/Widget across stages?

  • For Self Help and Task List, Whatfix publishes segments to the Production stage even if there is dependent content in the Draft or the Ready stages. However, in such cases, the dependent content won’t appear inside the segments until those units are moved to the Production stage.

  • You can publish changes like global themes and configurations, User Actions, and other account level changes etc, without having to push any content/widgets to production along with them.
    Go to the Ready stage and click Publish Changes even if it's empty. Review your changes in the pop-up that appears, and then click Push to Production.

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