Content Aggregation
  • 04 Jun 2024
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Content Aggregation

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What is Content Aggregation?

Organizations often manage a variety of information in different repositories, such as policy documents, how-to guides, and internal communications. When end users have queries, finding answers scattered across these repositories can be time-consuming and tedious. To streamline this process, Whatfix offers a solution through Content Aggregation, allowing you to integrate your repositories directly into your Whatfix Dashboard.

Content Aggregation is the process of automatically gathering the information in your repositories and integrating it in Whatfix as repository links. These are Whatfix links that take you to pages in your repositories. Once you integrate a repository, you can use your Repository Links in widgets such as Self Help or Task List

Content Aggregation significantly enhances the end-user experience of using Self Help. Content Aggregation uses a crawler that reads the content of your repositories. When you add repository links to the Self Help widget, end users can directly search for the information they are looking for without relying on the link's title, making it more intuitive to find the relevant repository page. Additionally, QuickRead, a Whatfix AI feature in Self Help, can quickly provide answers within the Self Help to end users' queries, based on information in your repositories. This makes it even faster and easier for end users to find relevant information.

Content Aggregation also acts as a feedback mechanism for improving the content in your repositories. End users can provide feedback in the Self Help widget for search results and QuickRead responses. You can view this feedback and adjust the content in your repositories. Updates to your content are regularly checked and integrated into Whatfix with the help of automatic syncs.

Benefits of Content Aggregation

The following are some benefits of Content Aggregation:

  • Saves time and manual effort: With Content Aggregation, you do not have to create manual links for pages in your repositories. Whatfix automates the process by crawling your repository, reading its contents, and automatically creating links on the Dashboard. Whatfix can crawl every 2000 links in your repositories in less than 36 hours. 
  • Provides Deep Search capability: Content Aggregation crawls and stores the content inside your repositories, enabling end users to search repository links based not only on titles but also on the content inside those pages. This makes the process of finding relevant documents quicker and more intuitive for end users.
  • Helps optimize solutions: Utilizing Whatfix's built-in analytics capabilities, you can get data and insights on the repository links being accessed from Self Help. You can also view end-user feedback on Self Help for your repository links and make any required changes to the documents in your repositories.
  • Automatic syncs: You can choose to schedule regular syncs for a repository, allowing Whatfix to automatically recrawl it at specified intervals. This automated process ensures that the Dashboard stays updated with the latest content and links from your repository, and you receive a detailed report of the changes.
  • Contextualization: Content Aggregation supports features like automatic tagging of repository links with relevant tags. You can also manually add tags to all repository links from a particular repository at once. 

Types of repository integrations

Whatfix supports out-of-the-box repository integrations for several different applications. Whatfix also supports integrating other repositories as a custom integration, provided crawling is feasible for the repository. There are two ways Whatfix crawls repositories:

  • Web Crawling: In this method of crawling, Whatfix's crawler extracts information from the HTML content of your repository pages.
  • API Crawling: In this method of crawling, Whatfix's crawler calls the APIs of the application where you have your repository to fetch relevant information.

Repository integrations supported by Whatfix

Whatfix provides out-of-the-box integrations for repositories in the following applications:

Content Aggregation Process


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