How to use full images in article slideshows?
  • 09 Mar 2023
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How to use full images in article slideshows?

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Article Summary

By default, Whatfix supports two sizes for step images, 600px and 400px. When the full context of the page is required, these partial images may not give the user a complete understanding. You can alter the slideshow/article embed script to make them display full step images. Full size images are scaled down (at the client's side) to suit the required dimensions. Aspect ratio is ensured while scaling images.

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Using this feature may cause full images to get downloaded on the client machine, which uses a lot more bandwidth than normal.

Full images in Slideshow

As of now, full size images are supported only in iFrame mode. For more information, contact

Full images in Article

The following is a typical article style embed script from the embed/article window of any flow.

<div data-href="//" data-flow="7a2ca570-dcaf-11e2-a08a-00265a7a1a29" data-size="full">
<a href="!flows/who-can-access-my-google-account/7a2ca570-dcaf-11e2-a08a-00265a7a1a29/">
Who can access my Google account?

The following parameters have to be added or modified in this script to trigger full size images.

  • data-size: Set its value as full.
  • data-width: Image width that you would like to have.
  • data-height: Image height.

The Step images are displayed with width and height as defined by the mentioned properties. Full images are scaled down by taking care of the aspect ratio.

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