New Content Notification in Self Help
  • 30 Nov 2023
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New Content Notification in Self Help

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New Content Notification is a Beta feature. To enable this feature, contact

Whether it's a new Flow or a crucial repository link, content creators rely on Self Help to make it as accessible to end users as possible. Self Help segments are regularly updated with new Whatfix content. To ensure end users are aware of these additions, the New Content Notification feature in Self Help marks content newly added to the default listing of a Self Help segment with a NEW label.

How does New Content Notification work?

New Content Notification works at the segment level, that is, content newly added to a segment is labeled NEW only in that segment.

It is also user-specific. Content in a segment is considered new for a particular end user if it has never been part of the segment's default listing before their last login. Personalized content can also be new.

For a specific end user, new content is marked with a NEW label in the Self Help widget until one of the following occurs:

  • The end user clicks the content marked with the NEW label.
  • More than 7 days have passed since the content was labeled NEW for that end user. You can configure this duration by contacting

The NEW label also appears on groups that contain new content.


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  • Content is not considered new when an end user accesses the Self Help widget for the first time. NEW labels are shown to the end user for new content added thereafter.
  • New versions of content are not considered new content.
  • Updating the Search Scope of a segment does not affect New Content Notification.

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