Personalization in Self Help
  • 24 Nov 2023
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Personalization in Self Help

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Personalization is a Self Help Machine Learning capability that shows relevant content to end users in the Self Help widget. Content identified to be relevant to an end user, known as personalized content, is displayed in the first 5 positions of the default listing of a Self Help segment.

Personalized content is tailored to the end user and the Self Help segment they are currently viewing. For instance:

  • Different end users may see different personalized content.
  • An end user may see different personalized content in different Self Help segments.

Personalization offers the following benefits:

  • Quick access to relevant content for end users
  • Increased end-user engagement with Self Help

How does Personalization work?

For each end user, Whatfix identifies other end users with similar behavior on the application. To find similar end users, the following parameters are considered:

  • Which pages end users visit most often in an application.
  • The role of the end user, if applicable.

Personalized content is selected based on the content similar end users consume the most.

Personalized content is continuously updated based on new data, ensuring that it is always relevant.

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Whatfix does not capture any personal data from your application for Personalization.

For a particular Self Help segment, personalized content can come from the following sources:

  • The content added to the segment
  • The Search Scope of the segment

How does Personalization affect the default listing of a segment?

Without Personalization, the content in a Self Help segment's default listing is taken exclusively from the content added directly to the segment.

When Personalization is enabled, the first 5 positions of the default listing of a segment are reserved for personalized content. The remaining positions are filled with content directly added to the segment.

If content added to the segment is part of the segment's personalized content, it is not included twice in the default listing shown to end users.

However, if personalized content is part of a group, it will also be shown to end users inside the group, provided the group is part of the segment's default listing.

How do I enable Personalization?

To enable Personalization, your account must satisfy the eligibility criteria. When your account becomes eligible for Personalization for the first time, it is automatically enabled. For more information, see Eligibility Criteria for Personalization.

You can choose to disable or enable Personalization yourself from the Self Help Themes section of the Dashboard. For more information, see Enable or Disable Personalization.

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