Preview pop-ups
  • 10 Jul 2024
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Preview pop-ups

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Whatfix enables you to preview the Pop-ups using the preview mode on the Whatfix Studio before pushing the Pop-up to production. This functionality enables authors to test the appearance and behavior of Pop-ups within the target website or application before deploying them to Production. This ensures the Pop-up functions as intended for the end user.

Here's an example of how the Pop-up appears in the preview mode:
studio_pop-up_pop-up preview

Use the following steps to preview a Pop-up:

  1. Go to the application in which you want the Pop-up to appear, and then launch the Whatfix Studio.
    CLM_editor plug in

  2. Click the Preview mode icon.
    Studio_Preview_Mode1 1

your title goes here

If the content you want to preview is in the Draft stage, then select the Include Draft content and widgets. checkbox.

  1. Click Enter, and then refresh the browser.
    studio_preview mode_enter
your title goes here
  • If you set the occurrence count for a Pop-up to one and then preview it before pushing it to Production, the occurrence gets exhausted and the Pop-up doesn't appear.
  • To see the Pop-up again, you must increase the occurrence count. For more information, see Schedule a Pop-up.
your title goes here

As per the latest updates to Manifest V3 (MV3), you cannot use the Preview mode to preview Advanced Customization (AC) code changes on Whatfix Studio.

To preview such changes, Whatfix has introduced a Preview extension. This extension enables you to test any AC code used to achieve certain out-of-the-box capabilities. For more information, see Install and use the Whatfix Preview extension in Google Chrome.

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