Self Help Best Practices
  • 15 Dec 2023
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Self Help Best Practices

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Article Summary

Animate the Self Help tab to catch the user’s attention

Animate the Self Help tab increases your chances to catch users' attention and help them find answers themselves.


Deliver specific content to users using Tags

Segment Self Help using Tags so that end users receive relevant and focused content. You can tag content based on the pages you want them to appear or the roles to whom you want them to appear. For example, if you want certain content to be displayed only to account managers, then you can create a role tag and add the particular tag to your content.

For more information, see Add Tags to content.


Link your support articles

Integrate your existing Content Repository with Whatfix and display them as contextual links in Self Help. This enables your end users to get relevant content inside your application rather than switching between applications.

For more information, see Integrate your Content Repository with Whatfix.


Group related content together inside Self Help

Grouping similar content inside Self Help aids end users to understand and navigate through the widget easily. You can also create multiple sub-groups within a group.

For more information, see Self Help groups.

CLM_selfhelp_nested grouping

Use keywords to make your content easily available in Search

Adding keywords to your content helps end users find relevant content, even when the search term does not match the term used in the content.

For more information, see Help Users Find Content in Self Help using Keywords.

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