Smart Tips segment does not appear in your application
  • 29 Mar 2024
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Smart Tips segment does not appear in your application

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You have configured Smart Tip segments, but they are not appearing in your application.


  • The Smart Tip segment is not pushed to Production.
  • Smart Tips will not appear on your application if you've pushed only the content and not the associated Smart Tip widget segment.
  • Two or more Smart Tip segments are present on the same page.
  • Incorrect Visibility Rule conditions have been configured.
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Incorrect Visibility Rules that are commonly used:

  • Adding URL Equals instead of Contains: When you use equals as a condition instead of contains, the Smart Tip is displayed only when the page's URL exactly matches the provided URL. Even if the page's URL is slightly different, the Smart Tip is not displayed on the page.
    clm_visibility rules_contains
  • Selecting the rule as URL Path and adding the domain name, which is the value for the URL Hostname rule: When a domain name is added instead of the URL Path, the rule is not evaluated and the Smart Tip is not displayed.
    clm_visibility rules_url path

For more information, see Visibility and Display Rule conditions.

  • When you are adding more than one Visibility Rule, ensure that the right operator is used.
    a. Use the And operator when the Smart Tip needs to be shown only if all the conditions are evaluated as true.
    b. Use the Or operator when the Smart Tip needs to be shown if any one of the conditions is evaluated as true.
  • Another Smart Tip segment that is configured to appear on the same page is taking precedence.
  • An iFrame-based CSS Selector, for example, a CSS Selector for an embedded video player, is set in the Smart Tip segment's Visibility Rule.
  • Clicking Push to production automatically updates the extension and pushes the newly created Smart Tip to the cloud server. The success email you receive denotes the completion of this process. But it may take a little longer before it can be seen by your end user's extension.
  • The underlying application has UI changes.
  • The version number of the updated extension on the Whatfix Dashboard does not match the version on your browser's extension page.


  • Ensure that the Smart Tip collection and its associated Smart Tip segment are pushed from the Ready stage to the Production stage to make them live on the application.

  • After saving the Smart Tips you create using Studio, they are available in the Content section. However, the Smart Tip segment in the Widgets section needs to be configured with the correct Visibility Rules for the Smart Tips to appear on the application. Smart Tips will not appear if you push only the content and not the associated widget.
    It is recommended that you push the widget first from the Ready stage of the Widgets section, as this guarantees that the segment and its associated content are simultaneously pushed to Production. For more information on pushing a widget to Production, see Push Whatfix content and widgets to Production.

  • By default, Whatfix evaluates only one Smart Tips collection per page at any given time. If you want to show two or more Smart Tips on the same page, add them to the existing collection.
    If you've created a Smart Tip on a global element and want it to appear on every page, you have to include the Smart Tip in all the respective collections. This is because only one collection is evaluated per page.

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Whatfix enables you to display multiple Smart Tip segments on the same page. To enable this feature, contact

  • If Smart Tips are to be used for multiple pages, separate segments need to be created for each individual page. For more information, see Create Smart Tips.

  • Use the correct Visibility Rule conditions to show your Smart Tips. Also, add the right conditions AND/OR if you are adding more than one Visibility Rule.

  • Use the correct Display Rule conditions to display the Smart Tips at the right place. Additionally, you can use CSS Selectors to ensure that the Tips appear on the correct element.

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To ensure that the Smart Tip appears correctly on your page or application, add Display Rules to each individual Smart tip within the collection.
For more information on Display Rule conditions to display your Smart Tip, see Visibility and Display Rules Conditions.

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