Analytics Dashboard
  • 18 Feb 2021
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Analytics Dashboard

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The Whatfix Analytics Dashboard can be accessed from your Whatfix Dashboard.

Accessing your Analytics Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Analytics in the Whatfix Dashboard.
    See how

    1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.

    2. In the left panel, click Analytics.


To see how you can filter your reports by domain, see Analytics Filters- Domain Filter

    The Dashboard displays a summary view and also allows you to drill down into the analytics for each widget.

    The Summary view is the default view in Analytics. It gives you a high-level view of how your widgets are doing. Each metric is described below:

    Metric Description
    analytics_queriesServed.png The number of times content was clicked and viewed in Self-help.
    analytics_totalPopups.png Number of times a Pop-up was displayed to the users
    analytics_userInTraining.png The number of users who were in training who were shown the Task List and had the opportunity to engage with the content in the Tasklist
Click each metric to see detailed information about it.

    The  Engagement with Whatfix chart displays how many users saw the content. Engagement is defined as every user who had the opportunity to perform an action on Whatfix.

    Hover your mouse over each peak to view additional engagement at a more granular level.

    Engagement metrics explained

    Metric Description
    Self Help The number of times content was viewed from Self-Help
    Tasklist The number of times tasks were performed from Tasklist
    Pop-up The number of Pop-ups displayed to the user

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