Add Repository Content to Self Help
  • 11 Dec 2023
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Add Repository Content to Self Help

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Article summary

Adding tags to repository content makes the content available to search in Self Help. When you associate a tag to a repository, Whatfix adds the tag to the entire content fetched from the repository and also to the content added later.

Although all the content fetched has a default tag attached to them, in some cases you might want to add another tag to the entire content. For example, if Smart Context is enabled, you must add the global-page tag to all the content fetched, for it to appear in the Self Help widget. One of the most common reasons why content doesn't appear after the repository is crawled is that the relevant tag hasn't been added and thus none of the content appears.

Use the following steps to add tags:

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Settings.

  2. Click Repositories.

  1. In the Integrated Repositories section, Go to the application to which you want to add the tag.

  2. Under Actions, click the more icon.

  3. Click View & Edit.

  4. On the pop-up, click Edit.

  5. Click the tag section and select a tag from the list of tags available or manually enter the tag that you want to add.

  6. Click Save.

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Once you have associated a tag to the repository, you can use the tag to add Repository content to the Self Help widget. See, Adding content to Widgets using Tags.

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