Content Archival
  • 08 Feb 2024
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Content Archival

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Article Summary

What is Content Archival?

Often, you have content or widgets on the Dashboard that are not in use and will not be published to end users. They could be kept in Draft to be pushed to Production at a later time or as a template to be copied and reused. With Archival, you can store such content or widgets in a separate section called the Archived section. Archiving content helps declutter the Dashboard and makes it easier for content creators to find relevant and up-to-date information. Additionally, you can restore Archived content and widgets from the Archived section to the Draft stage. Restoring content and widgets is not possible when you delete them.

You can only view Archived content and widgets. They are made inactive, that is,

  • You cannot edit Archived content or widgets.
  • You cannot collect Analytics data for Archived content or widgets.
  • You cannot move them between stages.
  • You cannot view their translations.
  • You cannot preview Archived content or widgets. You also can't test them in a development environment or using a developer extension.
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Test cases are not available for Archived Flows.

The following are reasons you would want to archive content/widgets:

  • Your content or widget is not in use, that is, it is not in Production and does not require to be pushed to Production. You can separate such content/widgets from the Draft and Ready stages by archiving them.
  • You want to store content or widgets for the purpose of reusing or repurposing them later.
  • You have reached the maximum limit for widgets on your Dashboard but do not want to delete your old content or widgets.
  • Unlike deleted content or widgets, Archived content or widgets are restorable, that is, they can be restored to the Draft stage.

The following GIF is a demonstration of archiving content:

content archival

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The following is the list of content or widgets you can archive:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • Articles
  • Links
  • Flows
  • Smart tips (collections and segments)
  • Beacons (collections and segments)
  • Launchers (collections and segments)
  • Pop-ups
  • Self Helps
  • Task Lists
  • Surveys
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You cannot archive User Actions and repository links.

For more information on Content Archival, see the following articles:

For information about how Content Archival affects other aspects of the product such as analytics, translations, tags, and more, see the following FAQs:

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