End-User feedback in Self Help
  • 05 Dec 2022
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End-User feedback in Self Help

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Whatfix enables you to provide an in-app feedback icon to enable your end users to give feedback, register their requests and suggestions from within the Self Help widget.

Unlike other ways of communication like email support, livechat, and ticketing that redirects the end user to respective applications, End User Feedback enables users to provide in-app feedback without disturbing their flow of work.

Here is a GIF on how End-User Feedback looks on your application,


Use Cases

Here are some use cases that are possible using this feature,

  • Collect feedback from end user to gauge the usefulness of help content and their experience of using Self Help.
  • End users can directly raise any issue, including content requests and concerns, without having to search anything.
  • End users have the option to provide feedback throughout.

Enable End-User Feedback

To enable this feature, contact [email protected]

End-User Feedback icon

When enabled, by default, Whatfix displays an End-User Feedback icon in the Self Help closed state. To disable the icon, see Disable End-User Feedback icon.


  • You currently cannot change the feedback label text.

  • Disabling the End-User Feedback icon only removes the icon from the Self Help closed state. End users can leave a feedback using the Feedback icon in the bottom-left corner of the Self Help expanded state.

SH_feedback no icon.gif

Access End-User Feedback

You can access the consolidated End User Feedback report in the Self Help Analytics section on the Dashboard.
For more information, see Self Help Analytics.

  • Whatfix does not capture the URL of the page the feedback was given on.
  • You currently cannot export the content feedback report.

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