Content not showing up in Task List
  • 23 Jan 2023
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Content not showing up in Task List

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You have added content like Flows, videos etc. to your Task List, but it is not showing up inside the Task List.


Content such as Flows, videos, articles, PDFs, images etc. may not show up inside a Task List for one of the following reasons

  • The content is not a part of any segment
  • The content does not have proper tags attached to it
  • The content is segmented to not appear to certain users based on their roles


  • Ensure that the content is a part of the Task List segment. Content is displayed in Task List only if it is part of the Task List segment.
    For more information on adding content to a Task List segment, see Add a Flow to Task List.
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  • Even though Whatfix enables you to add any number of content to your Task List widget, only the first 20 tasks in the list are rendered to the end user. This limit includes content that's inside grouped content as well.
  • To increase the limit and show more tasks to your users, contact [email protected].
  • If you are using a role tag, make sure that all your content has at least one role tag.

  • Check whether user roles are used to segment content. If so, make sure the contents are added to the specific Task List segment.
    For more information, see Displaying content based on user roles.

  • Check if the content is appropriately tagged. The Task List segment may have been created using a selected tag method, and the Content that is not appearing may not have the associated tag. For example, a production tag.
    For more information, see Adding Tags to content.


If the issue persists, contact [email protected].

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