Download Report Analytics data using API
  • 17 Nov 2023
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Download Report Analytics data using API

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Article Summary

Whatfix Report APIs can be used to download Reports analytics data in csv format.

You can use different browsers and extensions to perform the following task. We have used Google Chrome browser with ModHeader extension as an example.

Use the following steps to download the data using API,

  1. Install the extension - ModHeader from the Chrome Store.

  2. Open the extension and enter the header x-whatfix-integration-key and its Value.

The integration key value is your User API token. To get your API token, see Generating the API token.

  1. On the top right, click the + icon.

  2. Select Request header

  3. Enter the next header x-whatfix-user and its value. The value is your Whatfix email address.

  • Make sure the extension is not paused.
  • If you're using multiple profiles then make sure you're using the correct profile.
  1. Go to the Whatfix Reports API

  2. Click the GET button on the top right and copy the URL:{accountId}/reports/summary/mostPopularFlows

  3. Construct the URL to get the report.

    • Replace {accountId} with your Account ID value -
    • Add the format parameter at the end -

To get your Account ID, contact [email protected].

  1. Copy and paste the final URL in a new tab and click Enter.
  2. The CSV file is downloaded.

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