Download Unique Users and Engagement data
  • 21 Dec 2023
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Download Unique Users and Engagement data

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Whatfix Analytics gives you the number of users to whom Whatfix widgets were visible and the number of users who clicked and engaged with those widgets. For more information, see What actions are considered as engagement?

This information is visible in the Analytics Summary section at the top.


Using this information, you can make changes to the widgets, like changing their position, colors, animation effects, etc., to increase the engagement rate.

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The Unique Users Viewed and the Unique Users Engaged counts include the number of users who have completed User Actions as well. For example, if 5 unique users have completed User Actions, then Unique Users Viewed and Unique Users Engaged counts are also 5.

Use the following steps to download this data:

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Guidance analytics.

  2. Click Summary.

  1. Click Export Users.
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  • A ZIP file is downloaded.
  • Once the file is extracted, you can find the information in a CSV format.
  • If users have engaged only with User Actions and not with other Whatfix content and Widgets, the user data is not included as part of the Export Users report.

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You can download up to six months of Analytics data at any given time.

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