How can I find the content in Whatfix Dashboard?
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How can I find the content in Whatfix Dashboard?

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All content you or anyone from your organisation has authored can be found on the Whatfix dashboard. However, when you have created many pieces of content, it might be difficult to find them easily on your Whatfix Dashboard. In such cases, you can use the Advanced Search. Advanced Search helps you narrow down the results based on your search query and filters. You can filter content by author, by tag or by the content type.

To find specific content,

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.

  2. Click the Advanced Search field at the top of the page.

  3. Enter the title of the content you're looking for.


This search lists all content that are Smart Tips OR Flows AND created by Eliot Scott.)

  1. Click the Filter button to apply additional filters such as Content Type, Users, and Tags.
  2. Click Apply to find all the content relevant to your search criteria.
    The Search field auto suggests search results as a search term is entered.
  • Only the title is looked at for Quick search results that are auto-populated.
  • Flows are always displayed before other content.
  • Tags that use the search keyword are displayed at the end of the search results along with the number of content units that are using that tag.
  • When a filter is applied, quick results for Tags or Users are not displayed.
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