Select multiple elements for showing Smart Tips
  • 14 Jun 2024
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Select multiple elements for showing Smart Tips

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Article summary

Consider you have multiple UI elements all performing a similar function, like elements of a dropdown menu on a page. Instead of having to create different Smart Tips for each, Whatfix enables you to select all the similar UI elements and create Smart Tips that appear on each element.

Here’s a GIF of how Multi-element Selection works.

Multi element

With the Multi-element Selection mode enabled, whenever a content creator selects an element on a page, Whatfix automatically highlights similar elements that are present on the page. Content creators can then confirm the selection and proceed to create content for the selected elements.
your title goes here

This feature is only available for Flows, and Smart Tips (excluding Validation Tips) with On Hover/Focus over the element set as the appearance style of the Smart Tip.
display smart tip rule

Use the following steps to use Multi-element Selection on your application:

  1. Log in to your application, and then launch the Whatfix Studio.
    CLM_editor plug in2

  1. Select the type of content (Flows or Smart Tips) you want to create.

  2. Click + Add Step.

  3. To enable Multi-select mode, press Shift + S on your keyboard while selecting the element.

  4. Once the Multi-select mode is enabled, select the desired element.
    multi select.png

your title goes here

All the similar elements on the page are highlighted.
multi select screen.png

your title goes here

On selecting an element, if you notice that Whatfix is not highlighting any elements or highlighting the wrong elements, then click any other element that you think is similar. This provides Whatfix with more data on what should be considered similar and improve selection.

  1. Confirm if all your desired elements are selected, and then click Confirm Selection.
    confirm selection.png

  2. Create content by adding relevant information to the tooltip.
    create content.png

  3. Configure the tooltip and save the created content.

Use Cases

Here are some use cases that are possible using Multi-element selection on-page:

  • Add Smart Tips to the edit icons in each row of a table.
    multi element use case.png

  • Ensure that the step completion rules are met even if the end user clicks any of the elements of a table in an application.

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