What's new in Whatfix CLM
  • 02 Mar 2023
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What's new in Whatfix CLM

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Whatfix Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a new content creation and management experience.

The CLM dashboard has two separate sections for your Whatfix Content and Widgets. It is further divided into three different stages - Draft, Ready, and Production to enable content creators to create, review, and manage Whatfix content/widgets in a more efficient and organized manner.

The dashboard has List view as the only view for all the Whatfix content and widgets. In the Search bar, use the Filter options to narrow down your content search to specific Whatfix content/widgets.

The following workflow explains the stages involved, from creating Whatfix content/widgets to pushing it live for your end users.

Draft Stage

  • The Draft stage is where you create and edit Whatfix content/widgets.
  • You can move selective content/widgets that are ready for review from the Draft to the Ready stage.
    DB_CLM_send to ready1

Ready Stage

  • The Ready stage helps the Account Managers to review all the content/widgets that are ready for production.

  • In case some content/widget is not ready for your end users, you can move them back to the Draft stage.

  • Additionally, you can also edit Whatfix content/widgets in the Ready stage.

  • Once the content units are reviewed and tested, click Push all to production to move all the Whatfix content and widgets that are ready for your end users to the Production stage.
    studio_javascript_push all to prod

  • You can review the latest changes again before pushing them to production. Click Push to Production once the content/widget is ready for Production.

your title goes here
  • Whatfix notifies you about the availability of the content units in the Draft and Ready stages as in-app notifications and also as an email sent to the registered email.
  • You get an email notification for the following,
    • When you move content/widgets from Ready to Production
    • When you move content/widgets from Production to Draft, i.e, remove content/widgets from Production
  • You can push selective content/widgets to the Production stage by selecting the content using the checkboxes and clicking Send to Production.
    studio_send to production

Production Stage

  • The Production stage helps you in viewing the Whatfix content that is published for your end users. In case you no longer want your end users to see particular content, you can move the content to the Draft stage using the Send to Draft.

  • You get an option to edit Whatfix content in the Draft stage while the content is still in the Production stage available for your end users.

  • Whatfix creates a new version of the same content/widget in the Draft stage for you to edit and update by pushing it to production again. Your end users will continue to see the current version of the content.

  • You can perform the following actions to Whatfix content in the Production stage,

    • Edit the content that is in the Production stage
    • Move the content back to the Draft stage
Stage Actions
  • Create/Edit Whatfix Content and widgets
  • View/Edit content/widgets created using the Whatfix Editor
  • Move content/widgets to the Ready stage for review
  • Review content and widgets
  • Test content/widgets on your application's development environment
  • Push content/widgets to the Production stage to make them live on your application
  • View content/widgets that are live to your end users
  • Send content back to the Draft stage to remove it from the application

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