Workday Integration
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Workday Integration

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Using Integration Hub in Whatfix, data from your Workday account can be shared with your Whatfix account and different content can be shown based on the user role information from Workday.

Content segmentation is possible based on,

  • User Role
  • Team
  • Language
  • Department
  • Employment type and more

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To integrate Whatfix and Workday, email us at

Use Cases

Here are some use cases that are possible using this integration:

  • Roll out in-app reminders for employees who haven't completed the appraisal feedback.
  • Notify new HR Policies to all the users in a specific team using a Pop-up.
  • You can show a Pop-up to all the users from one specific department. For example, local holiday information.
  • Show survey forms to employees to get feedback about their managers.
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