Nudges Best Practices
  • 22 Dec 2023
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Nudges Best Practices

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Article summary

You can help attract your users' attention to particular elements on your app using Tooltips, Highlights, Beacons, or Gestures. These appear when end users go to a specific area or perform a certain action in the app.

Use Nudges to grab user attention

Use Nudges to direct your end users to specific elements or functions on your app. For example, you can highlight a new feature on your app, or you can configure a Scroll down gesture to guide your users to a link at the bottom of the page.

Use a brief description in Tooltips

Use easy-to-understand words and simple sentences. Keep the description in your tooltip simple and to the point.
Mobile_bp_keep description short.png

Create Nudges in a stable environment

Create Nudges on production/live apps that are stable and not constantly updated by code changes. If the underlying code of your app is changed, it may break any Nudges that you may have created.
mobile_bp_stable site.png

Ensure that your Nudges don't hide any UI elements on the screen

Position the Nudges so that they don't hide any elements on your app screen. In certain cases, the tooltip could inadvertently hide certain important UI.
Mobile_bp_do not hide ui.png

Author clear and concise content

Use simple words and sentences while creating Whatfix content. Keep the description in your Tooltip brief and to the point.
Mobile_bp_keep description short.png

Choose an appropriate theme for the Nudges

Choose the best available Nudge theme to ensure that the design of the Nudge matches your app’s UI. Use contrasting colors that make the Nudge noticeable on your app. This is to ensure that the Nudges are not lost in your interface because they can't be distinguished from the underlying app.

Mobile_bp_consistent theme.png

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