Chatbot support
  • 09 Jan 2024
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Chatbot support

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Article summary

You can integrate Whatfix content with your Chatbot service and launch Whatfix content to respond to chatbot queries.

Whatfix can be integrated with all the popular chatbot services. This way, you can support and deliver Whatfix content to your users as a bot response irrespective of the chatbot platform you use.

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To make this work, you have to add Whatfix Flow URLs to the appropriate bot responses. No other integration is required.

Types of content you can deliver

  • Whatfix content such as Flows, Links, Videos, etc.
  • Articles from your Knowledge Base repository.

Accessing the chatbot

You can have it as a regular chatbot interface in your app, or integrate the chatbot with the Self Help widget for users to interact with it through Self Help.

Use cases

  • Users can interact with the bot, and based on the inputs provided, the bot presents them with the most relevant Flows. When users click a Flow, the process is automatically completed for them.
  • When certain information is required from the user before or while performing a task, the bot can be used to ask questions in a conversational manner, and the inputs garnered can be used to complete the task.

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