Guidance Analytics Best Practices
  • 20 Mar 2024
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Guidance Analytics Best Practices

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Article summary

Monitor the content performance using Whatfix Guidance analytics

Configure Whatfix Guidance analytics to find out how your content is faring.

  • Are your users completing tasks? Which step are they getting stuck at?
  • What search terms do not give any results?

You can track this data and use it to improve the performance of your content.

Use the Filter option to see Analytics for specific domains

If you have Whatfix content deployed on both the development and production instances of your application, then by default, Analytics data is shown for both. To see the actual engagement data of your end users, ensure you use the Filter option to only include data from your production environment.

For more information, see Analytics Filters- Domain Filter.

Get analytics data across dashboard stages

The impact of content updates in one dashboard stage (Draft, Ready, and Production) can have an effect on the content analysis in other stages.

Whatfix Guidance analytics enables you to filter analytics data based on the various stages, so that you can examine and analyze data based on the stage in which your content is present. For more information on analyzing analytics data across stages, see Get Analytics Data across CLM Stages.

Disable analytics for specific domains

If you don't want to track analytics for specific pages on your application, you can add the URL conditions in the Analytics Settings. This disables tracking just for those specific pages.

For more information on disabling analytics from specific domains, see How to disable Analytics on specific domains?

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If you want to view advanced analytics for Whatfix content and widgets and filter data based on city, country, browser, and more, use Product Analytics.

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