Create a workspace in Whatfix Comments
  • 04 Jun 2024
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Create a workspace in Whatfix Comments

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A workspace is a dedicated area where you can collaborate with a group of people who are also part of the same workspace. Say you're working on a project that involves multiple team members, each contributing to different aspects. Being part of a dedicated workspace allows you to centralize discussions, share updates, and collaborate efficiently on project-related content.

You can create public or private workspaces and invite people to join by tagging them using their email ID.

Use the following steps to create a workspace in Whatfix Comments:

  1. Click the Whatfix Comments widget.
    Whatfix comments widget.png

  2. Using the dropdown on the top right, click Create or join workspace.
    Whatfix Comments_create or join workspace.png

  3. Click Create Workspace.
    Whatfix Comments_create workspace.png

  4. Create a unique name for your workspace.
    Whatfix Comments_workspace name.png

  5. Click Next

your title goes here

If you want to create a public workspace for your organization, enable the Allow anyone with email to join this workspace checkbox.
Whatfix Comments_enable public checkbox.png


You can use @all tag to send a comment to everyone in your workspace.

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