How can I see analytics of video content using Trend Insights?
  • 07 Mar 2024
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How can I see analytics of video content using Trend Insights?

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Article Summary

Video content can be embedded within Self Help, Task List, and more, to provide guidance through multimedia content.

The following event can be used to analyze video content:

Video link clicked

your title goes here

These events appear in the dropdown only if they've been performed or engaged with. As a Whatfix content creator, you have to create the Video, add it to Self Help or Task List, and then publish it to your end users. Once end users start interacting with the Video, you can view the engagement data with the mentioned events.

Use Cases

  • Analyze the most clicked videos in the Self Help called Video tutorials.
    Event name: Video link clicked
    Event filter: Segment name: Video tutorials
    Event breakdown: Content Title

  • Analyze by User ID, the number of users who clicked the Sign up video in the Onboarding Task List.
    Event name: Video link clicked
    Event filter: Content Title - Sign up
    Event filter: Segment Name - Onboarding
    User breakdown: User Id

Use the following steps to view the analytics of video content using Trend Insights:

  1. On the Whatfix Analytics dashboard, click Insights.

  1. Click + Create Insights.

  2. Click Trend Insights.

  3. To name your Insight, click the Edit icon.

  4. Enter a Description that helps explain what the Trend Insight is about.

your title goes here
  • The Description gives you context about the created Insight when added to a Dashboard.
  • It also enables other stakeholders to understand what data the Insight depicts while viewing Dashboards created by other team members.

  1. In the Data setup section, select the stage you want to get the data from.

    • For more information on how to get analytics data from different stages, see Get Analytics Data across CLM Stages.

    • You cannot change the stage after you've created the insight. Switching to a different stage will reset your insight, causing you to start over.

  2. Under Events, click Add event.

  3. Under Default events, select Video link clicked.

  4. Add the required Event Filter and Event Breakdown.

    your title goes here

    For more information on Event Filters and Breakdown, see Filter events using Event Filters and Breakdown in Trend insights.

  5. In the User filter section, click Add user filter, and then select the filter that you want.

your title goes here

  1. In the User breakdown section, click Add user breakdown, and then select the breakdown that you want.

  2. Scroll down to see the data chart that is generated.

    your title goes here
    • You can visualize the data using different metrics and chart types.

    • You can filter your data based on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly timeframes.


  3. Click Save.

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