New Content Notification in Self Help
  • 07 Nov 2022
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New Content Notification in Self Help

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An essential part of the content creation process is informing your end users about new content available as and when you create the content. Self Help provides you the ability to notify your end-users about any new content created and added in the Self Help. This promotes end user engagement with the widget as well.

Use Cases

Some examples when you can notify your end-users are as follows,

  • After creating new content
  • After importing a knowledge base article that you want your end users to access

With New Content Notification, every time you add new content in Self Help, the end users see a badge on the Self Help widget. The newly added content also gets a NEW label.

your title goes here
  • The NEW label is attached to the content that is in the default segment. Content that comes up in search results does not have any labels attached.
  • The NEW label is also attached to the new content that is added to an existing group.

The duration of the NEW badge is configurable. To configure the duration of the NEW badge, contact [email protected].

The New Content Notification is user-specific and segment-specific. For example, if the notification is set to appear on a particular Self Help segment for 7 days, then end users see the NEW badge on that segment for 7 consecutive days from the day they log in.


The NEW label disappears for end users when they click the content.

Enabling New Content Notification

your title goes here

To enable this feature, contact [email protected].

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