SCORM package export
  • 01 Jun 2023
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SCORM package export

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Article Summary

Whatfix Enterprise accounts have a feature to export Whatfix Flows as a SCORM package, which can then be used along with a Learning Management System (LMS).

  • To enable SCORM export, contact

  • You can enable either the SCORM package or the xAPI package for export.

Use the following steps to export a SCORM package:

  1. On the Whatfix dashboard, at the top right, click the Settings icon.

  1. Click Scorm.

  2. Select the Flows that you want to export, enter a title for the course, and then click Export Scorm.

  3. Click Download.

  • A .zip file containing all your Flows is downloaded for you to use with your LMS.
  • You may need to rearrange your topics after the export is completed.

Here's an example of post-integration with SCORM compliant LMS like Moodle:

your title goes here
  • Whatfix enables you to translate your exported Flows to any language. With SCORM multi-language support, the SCORM package checks the browser language settings where the LMS is running and returns content with that language.
  • If the exported Flows are not translated, then the content is shown in the default language.

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