Self Help does not display
  • 09 Jan 2024
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Self Help does not display

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Article Summary


The Self Help tab does not display on the application.


Self Help may not display for the one or more of the following reasons:

  • The segment is not live on the application.
  • The Visibility Rules aren't set correctly or have expired.
  • There is a conflict between the Visibility Rules of the two Self Help segments.
  • There's no content inside the Self Help segment.
  • The browser is configured to block Pop-ups.
  • The Whatfix Extension is not installed in the browser.


  • After a segment is created, it has to be explicitly made live by moving it from the Ready stage to the Production stage. Segments can be made live while configuring a segment.
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For more information on pushing widgets to Production, see Push Whatfix content and widgets to Production.

  • Check if you have content in Self Help.
    Whatfix is configured to display the Self Help tab only if you have created at least one content unit that involves element selection. This means there should be at least one Flow in it.

  • Set correct Visibility Rules. For more information, see Visibility and Display Rule Conditions.

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Incorrect Visibility Rules that are commonly used:

  • Adding URL Equals instead of Contains: When you use equals as a condition instead of contains, the Self Help is displayed only when the URL is exactly the same as entered. If the URL is slightly altered, the Self Help is not displayed on the page.

  • Selecting the rule as URL Path and adding the domain name, which is the value for the URL Hostname rule: When a domain name is added instead of the URL Path, the rule is not evaluated and the Self Help is not displayed.

  • When you are adding more than one Visibility Rule, then ensure that the right operator is used.

  • Use And operator when the Self Help needs to be shown only when all the conditions are evaluated.

  • Use Or when the Self Help should be shown when any one of the rules is true.

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If the issue persists, contact

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