What is an App Version?
  • 19 Oct 2022
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What is an App Version?

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Article Summary

An app version is a single number that identifies a particular version of the application uniquely. Every time an app is updated, the app version changes.

Why does the app version matter to our platform?

The starting point of any app creation on the Whatfix Mobile Dashboard requires you to enter your app version. This app version must be the same as the app version of your app integrated with Whatfix Mobile.

You can create different projects for different app versions or even clone a project to use it in a newer version.


Duplicating a project creates a copy of a project with all screens and the identifiers intact. If you are moving the cloned project to a different or a newer version, ensure that you verify the experience by Preview projects on a device it.

When you create a Project in your app, you need to add the correct App version of your mobile application. While creating a project, you can either select the App Version using the dropdown to create content on an existing App Version or enter a new App version.

You can check the different App versions and the projects associated with each Version inside your App.


You can also check the App Version in the push notification on your mobile.


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