Guidance Analytics
  • 21 Jun 2023
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Guidance Analytics

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Article summary

Whatfix's in-built Guidance Analytics provides usage and engagement related data for your Whatfix content in easy-to-understand visual formats. Using Guidance Analytics, you can understand the following Whatfix engagement related data:

  • How many queries are served from Self Help
  • How many users completed Flows
  • How many users engaged with Pop-ups
  • How many users completed the Tasks in Task List
  • How many users viewed Smart Tips, Beacons, etc.
  • How many unique users are engaging with Whatfix content and widgets
Learn about Whatfix Analytics 
Whatfix Analytics
Learn more about Self Help Analytics Self Help AnalyticsLearn more about Flow Analytics Flow AnalyticsLearn more about Task List AnalyticsTask List Analytics
Learn more about Popup AnalyticsPop-up AnalyticsLearn more about Beacon Analytics Beacon AnalyticsLearn more about Smart Tip Analytics Smart Tips Analytics

Whatfix also enables you to capture Analytics data using the following options:

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