Creating Pop-ups
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Creating Pop-ups

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Whatfix Pop-ups are information widgets that can be used to inform your users about stuff that needs your user's immediate attention. You can attach a Flow, survey, video, image, and GIF to the Pop-up.

When you create a new Pop-up, you don't have to start from scratch. Instead, you can base your new Pop-up on a template. Whatfix enables you to choose from 13 templates.

In the following table, you can find some of the unique templates that you can use based on your needs.

TemplateWhen to use?
CarouselTo convey multiple text information, videos, or images in one pop-up in the form of sliders. Users can move left or right to view the content.
your title goes here
You can't add or remove slides in a Carousel Pop-up after creating them. 

Surveys/OpinionsTo include a survey or feedback form
VividTo include only the video. This gives your users a distraction-free experience to watch the video.

To create Pop-ups,

  1. Navigate to the Whatfix Dashboard.
  2. Click Widgets.
  3. Click the Pop-ups tile.
  4. Click + New Pop-up button.
  5. Use the color theme using the Theme drop-down.

You can also use your custom color by entering the Hex Color Code in the text box.

  1. Next, select the template.
  2. Enter a name for the Pop-up segment by clicking the Untitled Pop-up text on top.
  3. Edit the Title, Description, and the Button Name.
    your title goes here
    • To customize and align the texts double-click the text to open the Rich Text Editor. Here, you can change the text colors, formats, line height, insert images, etc.
    • Double-click the button text to edit it.
  4. Hover the cursor over the button corner and then click to open the button configuration menu.
  5. Click the Select Action drop-down and select the button action.
your title goes here

You can also change the button color, hover color and corner radius using this configuration menu.

  1. Choose if you want to show the Close icon and Don't show me again checkbox using the option in the left-pane.
your title goes here
ButtonBehaviourExample: A Pop-up is set to display twice
SkipThe user skips the Pop-up and the display count is not impactedUsers who click the Skip button continue to see the Pop-up until they click Close or "X" icon.
Close button or "X" iconClicking either of these buttons closes the Pop-up and the display is counted as one viewUsers who click Close, exit the Pop-up and the Pop-up will now display once more on the next log in.
Don't show me againThe user clicks the check-box to make sure the Pop-up never appears again. The count reduces to zero.Users who click the Don't show me again check-box never see the Pop-up again. It does not matter if the count has not been reached.
your title goes here

You can preview how the Pop-up looks like on mobile and desktop devices using the toggle button on top-right of the pop-up.

  1. Once the Pop-up content is ready, click the Set Visibility Rules → button.
your title goes here
  • Click the Save button to save and mark the Pop-up as an inactive draft. You can resume editing by clicking the Edit icon.
  1. Set the Where Visibility Rules for the Pop-up to appear. See Visibility and Display Rule Conditions.
  2. Set the When Visibility Rules for the Pop-up. See, Scheduling Pop-ups.
  3. Click Finish Later or Activatedepending on your preference.
    • Finish Later - Saves the Pop-up as Draft and marks it as Inactive.
    • Activate - Marks the Pop-up as Active and publishes it. Your end-users can see the Pop-up based on the Visibility Rules configured.
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