Repository content does not show in Self Help
  • 13 Feb 2023
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Repository content does not show in Self Help

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Article Summary


You have integrated your content repository with Self Help but some content is not appearing when you search for it.


Repository content may not get displayed in Self Help if,

  • New content has been added to the repository since the last content sync, and the content has not been synced again since the update.
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Whenever you update your repository, you must sync it with Whatfix so that the Whatfix crawler fetches and indexes the content updates. Without syncing the repository with Whatfix, the updated content won't appear in Self Help.

  • The repository content does not have the relevant tags.
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  • Tags enable you to organize and display your content contextually. You can also add content to your Self Help segment using tags.
  • In case you have added content using tags, then only the content having the selected tag appears inside Self Help. Thus when integrating your repository for the first time, if you fail to add relevant tags then it might cause the repository content that does not have the same tags to not show in the segment.


  • Try syncing your Repository again.
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  • Check if the relevant tags have been added to the content.

Adding tags is a one-time task. For more information, see Add Tags to Content.

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If the issue persists, contact

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