Introduction to Whatfix content translation
  • 10 Apr 2024
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Introduction to Whatfix content translation

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Article summary

Whatfix enables you to translate Whatfix content into different languages without having to recreate each content in a different language from scratch. This helps you to communicate with your users in their native language.

How does Whatfix support multiple languages?

Whatfix enables you to Change the primary language for auto-translating content. Content creators can create content in their primary language and then translate it to another language. You can translate the text content, buttons or elements, and embedded content within the tooltip.

  • The primary language of your content is initially set to English.
  • Whatfix auto-translates content based on the primary language of your content.

Localization of content within Whatfix components

Many applications support different international languages and have dedicated teams for language translation. In such applications, users can choose their own language within the application, and the entire content of the application changes to the selected language. Since Whatfix content are embeded within the application, we realized the need to change the text of Whatfix components in accordance with the selected language within the application. Hence we have tried to maintain synergy with the usual language translation process. Whatfix provides a properties file for each supported language.

There are four ways to translate Whatfix content and they are as follows:

  • Translated language files are stored within the Whatfix business accounts.
  • If translations are not present for a particular language for Whatfix contents and the same language is selected by a user for the application, then the contents are displayed in the primary language in which they were created and published in the Whatfix account.
  • You can translate content that are in the Draft and Ready stages.
  • If you want to translate the content and widgets that are in the Production stage, you need to create a version of the content in the Draft stage by hovering the cursor over the content and clicking the Edit in draft icon. You can then make translation changes to the version in the Draft stage and push it to the Production stage to update the existing version. For more information, see Edit Whatfix content or widget in Production stage.

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