Beacon does not appear correctly
  • 25 May 2023
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Beacon does not appear correctly

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Article Summary


  • Beacon is not appearing on the page after you have pushed the content to production.
  • Beacon is not appearing in the desired location on the page.
  • Beacon is hopping, i.e, switching from one element to another.


  • Beacon may not appear correctly if the wrong segment is present in the Production Stage.
  • Beacon may not show up on the desired location if a wrong element is selected.
  • There may be multiple similar elements making it difficult for the Beacon to accurately latch onto the intended element.


  • Make sure the correct Beacon collection segment that you want to display is in the Production stage.

  • Try reselecting the Beacon element again. For more information see, Reselect Elements to manage UI changes.

  • Check if you have multiple Beacon segments for a single page are active in the Production stage.

  • Whatfix permits only one Beacon segment to be displayed at a time. If you want to show multiple Beacons, combine the Beacons in a single collection. See, Create Beacons.
    To enable this feature, contact

  • Use the appropriate Role tags to ensure that the Beacon appears correctly for the configured user roles. For more information, see Display content based on User Roles.

  • Use CSS selectors in the Display Rules for the Beacon to appear correctly on the selected element. For more information, see How to find a CSS selector of an element using Whatfix.


If the issue persists, contact

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