How to Enable QuickRead?
  • 21 Nov 2023
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How to Enable QuickRead?

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QuickRead is currently a Beta feature. To enable the feature, contact [email protected].

Once QuickRead is enabled by Support for your account, you can enable QuickRead from your Dashboard.

Use the following steps to enable QuickRead from the Dashboard:

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If you have the enhanced Whatfix dashboard, use the following steps:

  1. On the Whatfix Guidance dashboard, click Style.

  2. Click Self Help.

  1. On the Whatfix dashboard, click Themes.

  2. Click the Self Help tile.

  1. Click Smart features.
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  • The Smart features tab appears only for accounts with QuickRead enabled.
  • Personalization comes under the Smart features tab if you have QuickRead enabled.
  1. In the QuickRead expandable, enable the QuickRead toggle.
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QuickRead is not available for accounts using the Self Hosted or On Premise modes of deployment.

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You can also do the following things from within the QuickRead expandable:

  • Enable or disable feedback on QuickRead responses.
  • See the number of integrated repositories.
  • Add more repositories.
  1. Click Save.

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After you enable QuickRead, it takes time for QuickRead to process your repository links.
Until QuickRead finishes processing your repository links, they will not be a part of QuickRead's responses, however, any existing repository links will still be part of the search results.
Meanwhile, responses are generated based on other Whatfix content such as Flows, links, and articles.

  • If you already had repositories integrated before you enabled QuickRead, it takes up to 48 hours for QuickRead to process every 2000 links.
  • If you add a repository after enabling QuickRead, it takes up to 12 hours after your repository is crawled for QuickRead to process every 2000 links in your new repository. For more information about how long it takes to crawl a repository, see How many links can I crawl in a repository?
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  • After enabling QuickRead, you can test it on Self Help using the Preview mode.
  • You must do a push to Production for these changes to reflect for your end users.

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