Whatfix Web Overview
  • 05 Jan 2024
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Whatfix Web Overview

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Get Started with Whatfix Web
Getting started
getting started icon New to Whatfix? Start exploring the possibilities!
Whatfix Release Notes
whatfix release notes iconFind out what's new and how that can make life easier for you!
Whatfix Administration
user administration iconManage users, permissions, and roles. Learn about security and compatibility.
Create Whatfix Content
create whatfix content iconCreate and configure Flows, Smart Tips, Pop-ups, Beacons, and Surveys. 
Organize Whatfix Content
organize whatfix content iconOrganize the content in Self Help, Task List, and Launcher. Manage themes and global configurations.
Publish Whatfix Content
Publish whatfix content iconFind different ways to deploy and host your Whatfix content.
Testing Whatfix Content
auto testing iconA solution to detect and fix Flow failure due to changes in the underlying application.
Integration Hub
integration hub iconUse powerful integrations to share information between Whatfix and other applications.
Guidance Analytics
guidance analytics iconFind out how your Whatfix content is being used and act on your insights.
Content Aggregation content repository iconIntegrate your Knowledge Base in Self HelpTroubleshooting
troubleshooting iconIn the rare event that something is not working, see if it's something you can fix by yourself.
Product Analytics
product analytics iconUnderstand user behavior in your application.

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