Smart Tips Best Practices
  • 04 Feb 2022
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Smart Tips Best Practices

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Create one Smart Tip Collection per page

Whatfix displays only one Smart Tip collection per page at any given time. When creating multiple Tips on a single page, ensure that you add the Tips to the existing collection.


To enable Whatfix to evaluate multiple Smart Tip collections on a page, contact [email protected]. This feature is currently Closed Beta and is available only for selected customers.

In certain cases, the Tooltip could inadvertently hide certain important UI. Thus ensure that the Tooltips don't hide any UI elements on the page

Position the Tooltips, so they don't hide any elements on your page.
Do not hide elements

Avoid unnecessary Tooltips

Avoid adding Tooltips for fields that are self-explanatory.
Unnecessary smart tip

Add videos for better user engagement

Adding a video to your Tooltip is a great way to engage your newly signed-up users or explain a lengthy process. Videos can also be included within the onboarding pop-up. Add videos using the Rich Text Editor.
smart tip video embed gif

To create Smart Tips, see Smart Tips.

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