What is Self Help?
  • 12 Mar 2024
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What is Self Help?

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Self Help is a Whatfix widget that displays a collection of Whatfix content, selected by content creators, to your end users via an in-app panel. Self Help enables end users to instantly access relevant Whatfix content 24x7 and anywhere on an application. The following is an example of how an end user can watch a video added to Self Help:

Self Help enables you to display different content in different situations through Self Help segments. Each segment contains its own set of content and can be configured to display based on different conditions, such as the page of the application or the role of the end user using the application.

For example, you can create a Self Help segment that displays only on the Home page of your application and contains only Flows that start from the Home page.

You can add Flows, articles, videos, images, PDFs, links, and repository links to a Self Help segment.

How does Self Help work?

For end users

  • For your end users, the Self Help widget shows up as a side panel within the application.


  • End users can click the widget to open it and view its content. The content inside the Self Help widget depends on which segment is being displayed to the end user. The list of content that is shown to your end users when they open the widget is known as the default listing of the segment.


  • End users can search for content using the search bar in the Self Help widget. The content list that appears when searching in Self Help is called the search results.


For content creators

  • Create a Self Help segment from the Widgets section of the Whatfix Dashboard. For more information, see Create a Self Help segment.


  • Select the content you want to display to your end users and decide how you want to display it.

  • Set the order in which you want to display your content to end users. Only the first 20 pieces of content in the segment are part of the default listing displayed to your end users.


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  • You can configure the count of content in the default listing by contacting The configuration applies across all Self Help segments.
  • Personalization is a Self Help feature that recommends content, called personalized content, to your end users. Personalization gets enabled once your account is eligible for it. When Personalization is enabled, the top 5 positions in the default listing are reserved for personalized content. For more information, see Personalization in Self Help.
  • Organize content in a segment using Self Help groups. For more information, see Self Help groups.


  • Configure where the segment displays on the application from the Visibility tab. Here, you can set up the segment to display on specific pages, for specific users, etc. For more information about the different ways you can set the visibility of a segment, see Visibility and Display Rule Conditions.


  • Decide what content appears in the search results of a segment by configuring its Search Scope. For more information, see Search Scope of a Self Help segment.


  • Explore additional configurations for your Self Help widget in the Self Help Themes section of the Dashboard, including:

    • Incorporating end-user feedback
    • Adding animations to the Self Help widget
    • Integrating email and chat support

    For more information, see Configure Self Help.

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