What are Smart Tips?
  • 23 Aug 2022
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What are Smart Tips?

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Smart Tips enable you to provide contextual information to your end users on elements that need additional details, while using an application. For example, you can use Smart Tips to help your end users fill specific fields in a complex form that might be confusing for them.

The Smart Tip can display information/definition of the element in two ways:

  • Smart Hover: Information appears only when the user hovers their cursor on an element, like a text field.


  • Smart Icon: Information appears when a user hovers over an icon that is inserted next to an element on the page.


Use Cases

Here are some use cases for which you can create Smart Tips,

Guide your end users - You can use Help Tips to guide your end users throughout your application by providing additional information for an application element or a form field. For example, you can guide your end users to enter dates in the correct date format by providing a Tip with an example next to the form field.

Validate your end-user's inputs - You can provide real-time validation for various form fields that prevents your end users from making any mistakes before submitting a form. For example, you can validate if your end users enter a valid 10-digit mobile number or email ID in a particular format. Validation Tips disappear once your end users enter the correct details.

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