What can you do with Whatfix?
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What can you do with Whatfix?

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Whatfix can be used to create various types of onboarding, training and help content on all web-based applications. Here are some use cases of various features.

Creating Guided product tours

Use customized Pop-ups to welcome new users and give them a real-time guided tour of the key features of your application. You can also include embedded videos to onboard users, introduce your software application using a quick tour, or deliver change management communication. For more information, see Pop-ups.

Creating Training Plans

Use the Task List to display a personalized list of basic Flows that a user needs to complete. The task list can be configured to display until the user has completed all the identified tasks. For more information, see Configuring a Tasklist.

Creating Product Flows

Hand-hold your users through various tasks in your application. Users are prompted through each step of the Flow. For more information, see Creating a Flow.

Creating contextual tips

Use Smart Tips to display contextual information about a specific UI on a page. For example, a tip to help with entering information in a form. Smart Tips can also be used to validate user input in a text box to comply with a given format or specific requirement. For more information, see Creating Smart Tips.

Drawing user attention

Use Beacons to attract attention to a single important element within your application UI, for example, a new feature. Catch the attention of your user and introduce them on how to use the new functionalities. For more information, see Beacons.

Consolidating and Displaying Intelligent Help

Use Self Help to display contextual help content (including an available list of Flows) from various sources including knowledge bases and display according to the user’s current context within the application. Information is auto-segmented, reducing support overhead. For more information, see Configuring Self Help.

Showing Important information

Use Pop-ups to display important information as a pop-up at any time during the user journey. Example: announcing down-time. For more information, see Pop-ups.


With Whatfix Analytics, you can see how your content is being consumed by your end-users. Analytics also helps you understand how users are engaging with content and what content areas need more attention. For more information, see Whatfix Analytics.

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